Thursday, August 2, 2012


 I'm not sure how things would have turn out if I wasn't made aware of my "late" developing by an older cousin when I was still a bit young to be worrying about that. But it happend and then I wanted to compare. I had been told lots of times that it wasn't important, but none of it mattered. Suddenly I was obsessed with trying to catch a glimpse of the other guys in the changing rooms or any other place where a sign of this development could be seen. One of those signs was pubic hair (which I didn't have much) and the darker it was, the more attracted/intrigued/seduced(?) I was. But I wasn't interested in full body hair growth; I was just interested in my next step, where only that... spot needed to be darker. I also found it (and still do) much more attractive if the borders were very well defined.

This story was actually much longer, but I just deleted 3 paragraphs beacuse I'm not sure what's convinient to say here. What I just narrated started when I was around 13, so the story revolves around the following years and then guilt falls heavily on my intention to tell the whole story. Teenage nudity: wide subject. Anyway, what I've said so far explains sufficiently enough the reason for the following selection of photographs (obviously not boys around the age in my story):

                                                                                        RYAN MCGUINLEY


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