Saturday, October 13, 2012


The most obvious title for this post should have been "SEX SHOW", but sex was not what interested me. Instead something more taboo. The exposure of a group of guys (apparently voluntary public) before the rest of the public. These are not strippers or sculptural models, but common guys willing to get naked to participate in a "game" where the only goal is to cause a hidden and somewhat morbid pleasure of watching, from a safe or protected position, something that normally occurs in private. I find it much more appealing than watching a stripper do his job.

However, the appeal in these scenes could be found in the fantasy one creates based on the photos and maybe if witnessed live, could lost completely. When taking photos, usually without planning, much information from the event is trimmed, such as music, words from the entertainer, laughter and hubbub from the public, the smells, the tumult, disorder, dirt. Where am I going with this? Simply to recognize (to myself) that the attraction we feel for many of the photos could be only based on these fantasies, where different people complete the remaining information in their own way. I just got my new camera and it's time I learn how to use it; hopefully I'll have my own models soon. But for me, it's still a mystery how will all this unfold. I'll be the one who prepares the scenes, decide which information is left out and which isn't. What I decide to leave should be the bare minimum for each one to build their own fantasy.

Continuing this reasoning (which I hadn't plan), what I do should also constitute a fantasy for me. In that sense I think each scene and setting should be new to me. Whenever I'll do a session, I should find a different place not only to the previous one, but to the ones I'm used to moving around. And my fantasies have to do with humble and /or exotic environments and  guys  because it is where I find the greatest substance (perhaps understood by me as innocence and lack of pretension). That's where I find the taboo that moves me.

Finally, I leave you with the series that originated this post, but which fell far behind all I said, lol.

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