Sunday, February 3, 2013


This is one of the first nudist series I found on the internet. Probably around 1999 when I started snoopying around, and it stayed on my mind ever since. Here in Peru naturism is almost non-existent and I wasn't aware of naturism worldwide until I saw it on these photographs. Watching teen boys and girls nude, together just like that.. was incredible.

Luckily I had the chance to practice it on one of my trips north of Peru and it was a great feeling to swim naked in the sea. But besides my boyfriend, no one else was around.

By the way, does anyone know if it's ok to post naturist pics like these on a blog like mine? Although I post a great deal of erotic/sometimes pornish pics, it's the beauty of the male body that interests me, from a ... desexualized point of view. 

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