Saturday, March 16, 2013


A small exception for this great Russian photographer. The feeling I get from his photographs is hard to explain. His photographs talk about a taboo subject: sensuality in the juvenile body. But these bodies are either unaware of their sensuality, or just beginning to explore it, innocently. The clothed characters and ordinary settings try to ignore this fact, but it's unavoidable and they end up emphasising them. At the same time, each photograph asks the viewer where do we fit in the scene; do we try to ignore the tension as well or do we accept it? How much did we explore this phase of life in our own or did we missed it? The models are very natural and unproduced; something very uncommon nowadays when every kid and teen spends so much time wanting to look like someone or something else. Mokharev portrays his models and settings humbly and it's probably here where beauty lies. 

There's surely more to say about these photographs. I hope you enjoy them.

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